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How to get fussy eaters to eat nutrient dense food
fussy eater

Question: I have a 3 yr old and his dentist is telling me that he has serious cavities and needs to be put under anesthesia to have fillings done. I have trying my best to remineralize his teeth by feeding him better foods such as those listed in Rami Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay, but [Read more…]

How to improve height, calcium absorption, and bone strength in 20 month old who is small for her age?

Q: I have a 20 month old girl who is small for her age (5th percentile) and cannot tolerate cow milk (she drinks goat milk instead). I heard that Abies Pectinata helps with calcium absorption and bone strength, is this true? I also read that AbiesPectinata and Betula Verrucosa work together for the best outcome [Read more…]