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My breastfed baby has bad gas and skin rashes. Is it the dairy and gluten I’m eating?

Q: I am breastfeeding and my baby has had many issues such as rashes and gas, bad gas. We figured out the rashes were a gluten sensitivity in my breast milk because when I gave up gluten and the rashes went away. I am currently avoiding all dairy to see if that solves the gas [Read more…]

Food Allergies to dairy and eggs is Amasai safe?

Q: My daughter is on a very special diet of no dairy and no eggs due to severe allergies. Is it safe for her to consume Beyond Organic’s Amasai cultured yogurt or Raw Cheese? Also, she really does not like meat but I’m interested in Beyond Organic’s Greenfed ground beef. How do I get her to eat it? [Read more…]

Good Snacks for Kids Under 12 months

Q:I’m trying to replace Cheerios. Is puffed rice a good snack food for a 10 month old? A: Nope, it’s really not ideal. Puffed rice and other puffed cereals are subject to extreme pressure and temperatures (extrusion) damaging the grain (rice, oats, wheat) significantly and it has some negative effect on endocrine system.Animal studies comparing [Read more…]

Healthy Snacks for Toddlers Over 12 Months
Healthy Snack Images

Q: What are some healthy toddler snacks? My 14 month old is obsessed with Goldfish! A: So happy to hear that you’re looking for healthy snack options! Those Goldfish are a total disaster for toddlers, especially those under 24 months. Yet our schools keep serving them to kids as if it were a super snack [Read more…]