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As a mom and Certified Nutritionist for over 13 years, I am passionate about educating parents on how to heal their child’s health concerns by changing the foods they eat and how they are prepared.

Common issues like “Picky Eaters”, delayed growth, eczema, constipation, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, ear infections, bronchial infections, and ADHD, are rarely ever fixed with medical intervention.

Instead, the underlying issues that caused the symptoms to appear need to be addressed and this often stems to nutritional imbalances, the mom’s pregnancy and birth, gastrointestinal damage, and the events which occurred in the first year of the child’s life (i.e. antibiotics, vaccines, breastmilk issues). In addition, a child’s body needs nutrients from specific foods while careful avoidance of others to heal that underlying problem.

My passion and interest in children’s nutrition stems back to my own health struggles during the first 25 years of my life.  STORY OF ANNIKA’S HEALTH CRISIS AND MISSION.

Quality of food is EVERYTHING to me.  I am a raw milk advocate and I support small farms who raise happy healthy humanely treated pastured animals.  I buy my produce from local farms when possible, and I support farmers who use sustainable agriculture to grow organic food.

I believe we should all go back to eating the “Traditional Diets” of our ancestors – Books like Nourishing Traditions” and “The Primal Blueprint Diet” teach us about the foods our bodies thrive on.

I am an advocate of natural childbirth, midwifes & doulas, a fanatic about breastfeeding and good nutrition pre-conception, not just during pregnancy and lactation.

I warn about dangers of infant vaccinations (after 8 years of working with vaccine injured children, I have seen the hidden information the media does not want us to know).

I encourage everyone to go Green – even small changes around your home have a big impact on the world.

My mission is to help support and educate moms so they can raise healthy happy children who will then become an amazing next generation of people!

About Annika Rockwell

Annika, a Certified Nutritionist based in Miami Beach, FL, completed her B.A. at Swarthmore College, PA., in a psychology, pre-medical curriculum. She later attained her Nutrition Certification (CN®) through the American Health Sciences University in Colorado. Annika has been studying nutrition and supplements since 1996.

Since June 2000, Annika has owned and operated RockwellNutrition.com/kids and launched Nutrition4Children/ FoodForKidsHealth.com in 2010.

She is a member of the Holistic Moms Network, the Weston A. Price Foundation, Alliance for Natural Health, Farm to Consumer Defense Fund, and the Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade.

To stay abreast of the latest scientific findings, industry trends, and clinical tools, Annika regularly attends nutrition and health seminars, including those hosted by Weston A Price Foundation, Designs for Health (DFH), Defeat Autism Now (DAN!), and Expo East.

Read about Annika’s health crisis and mission here.


Consultation for your child

Annika has limited availability due to conference travel and teaching engagements, thus she is only accepting nutrition consultations for infant or children’s health concerns at this time.

Please read more about your options on the nutrition consultations page.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter on top right of page to be informed about upcoming webinars and teleclasses on children’s nutrition topics.


Consultation for Parents

If you would like a consultation for yourself (not your child), please check our other website  RockwellNutrition.com which offers customized nutritional consultations with our amazing nutritionist Julie Haugen, MS, RD, LN/D, a licensed registered dietitian with 12 years of experience.

These consultations are ideal for parents wanting to learn about nutrition and their health concerns or goals. Clients can purchase a customized meal and supplement program tailored to their needs, as well as request diagnostic tests including food allergy testing, nutritional blood tests, and hair analysis to help assess the best treatment options for women or children’s health concerns.


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