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If you’d like to refer people to online classes or products by Food For Kids Health, please sign up to become an affiliate. Our program is a way of formerly THANKING YOU for helping us spread the word about our classes to help educate parents on the critical importance of good nutrition for their children!

If you would like to refer clients to us, our affiliate commission pays out 30% of the cost of the class for anyone you send our way using a special affiliate link or banner we provide you. (Note: Commission does not apply for your own purchases).

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Email your contacts with the link you will receive from us after you sign up below. Or use the banners which we’ll provided with your affiliate code to paste on your website. Anytime these links are clicked by your referrals, our website will automatically track them as your “lead” or contact. You will receive commission if they choose to sign up for any paid classes, workshops, or webinars.

Please fill out the below information to become an affiliate. PLEASE MARK DOWN the Username and Password you select.  You will need them to access your private Affiliate area.