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Favorite DVDs and Books

Baby Resources & Breastfeeding Websites Baby Questions and Answers
This site is well known to have accurate answers to all your baby and breastfeeding questions and problems.

Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding
Excellent videos to troubleshoot your nursing problems.

La Leche League FL
A great support group for everything you want to know about breastfeeding and babies. Group of moms meet weekly in every city.

Mothering Magazine
My favorite magazine filled with valuable information on natural mothering, breastfeeding, products, toys, services, etc.

Toy Recalls
It is critical for you to look at th list of toys on recal before you give them to your baby. There are so many Chinese toys contaminated with lead and you must know about it or your baby will suck on the toy and die (or suffer lead poisoning). I received gifts at my baby shower that were on this toy recall list.

Lead Inspector kit
An at home kit to check if any of the toys, bibs, bath tub, or any baby things contain lead.

Guide to Less Toxic Baby Products
A great site to add to Favorites. Get use to reading ingredients labels and make sure to use the safest products around your baby.

Tiny Taste Buds
Organic baby food fresh frozen and delivered to your door anywhere in the country, or locally in South Florida Miami-Dade County.

Vaccine Dangers Educational Sites





  • List of books published on the dangers of vaccines































Birthing Classes & Doulas

Amazing Births (S. Florida)


The best money I spent before the baby arrived was for Hypnobirthing classes (available via, and for the Doula. Read more about how these amazing Doulas will help you through your labor—every single minute of it (even if it takes days!). Using their many years of experience, they will meet with you before the birth and show up to your home the minute you go into labor. They reassure you and comfort you in a way no friend or family member can because of their expertise. Physically, they can help alleviate back pain with counter-pressure and lessen the severity of contractions. They help you get into the best positions to facilitate labor. Doulas also reduce your stress by timing your contractions, monitoring your progress, and letting you know when it’s time to go to the hospital (or call the Midwife). At the hospital, they are your advocate communicating with your staff about your needs and birthing plan. I cannot recommend them enough!

Baby Registry Ideas

If you don’t know where to start on your baby registry, here are some great ideas. Many of my recommendations include toxin free, healthier, more natural, and environmentally friendly products when available. If you already have the basics down, check out the accessories which have made my life easier. Link to some favorite baby necessities.

Sleeping, Strolling & Slings

Arm’s Reach co-sleeper
This baby bed is placed right by your bedside for easy access to your baby during the night for frequent breastfeeding. Can be used in addition to a full baby bed or instead of one. Bed is lightweight and folds down easily for travel. Kira will be using this bed exclusively until she is 6 months and then we’ll use it for travel.

Stokke Stroller
My favorite stroller! If you can splurge on a high end stroller, do it. This one is the bomb. Baby seat is higher up than all other strollers so you are closer to your baby during walks and they can see more things. Seat can change positions and can either face you or face out. It also makes into a high-chair which fits under tables and is the right height. Optional baby bassinet attachment. Does not make into a car seat. Check out the videos on how it works on

Bugaboo Stroller
A popular high end stroller with good reviews from moms.

Stroller Shade Clip On by Safety First
I wish I had known about this great product sooner! I suffered the first 5 months without it attaching towels or blankets to the stroller canopy so the sun didn’t shine directly into my baby’s face. It looked very ghetto my paper clips all over my expensive stroller. This sun shield fits onto any stroller canopy and lowers easily. We use it everyday when Kira falls asleep in her stroller so she has a little more darkness in there.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Active
My favorite baby carrier for 1 month+. Comfortable to wear and baby is comfy since legs and arms are free to kick around. Kira loves to sit forward and look out while I walk. She didn’t like the slings very much since she’s such a big baby and the slings tend to squish them up into the cradle position which is fine for newborns. I don’t recommend this carrier until baby has some strength in his back since it does not give them much back support. Slings are ideal until they are a bit stronger since they give more support.

This is my favorite sling out of all 5 I tried for the first 4 months. Easiest to use. Just be sure to get sizing first on the site. Great for newborns since they can lay cozy next to your body and your are hands-free to do stuff around the house.

ErgoBaby Organic Carrier
This has been my favorite carrier from month 6-15 and works up to 3-4 yrs old. My baby LOVES to be in this carrier and gets really excited when she sees me putting it on.


Baby Au Lait Nursing Cover
This is my favorite nursing cover out of all 4 I tried. It has a flexible wire at top allowing it to stay open so you can see your baby while your breastfeeding. Also, allows air to pass through so your baby doesn’t suffocate while you have this cover on them. Comes in a bunch of different colors. Easy to use.

Medela Double Breastpump
If you plan to pump your milk, you must get a double electric pump since pumping manually or one breast at a time is very inefficient. I like this pump because it fits onto the glass bottles (nursers) that I use for milk storage/freezing. You can connect your glass bottles right onto the pump, cap it, and store it in fridge or freezer avoiding transfer between the plastic bottles it comes with into your storage bottles.

BornFree Baby Bottles(plastic and glass)
These use to be the only “safe” BPA free plastic bottles to feed your baby. It’s critical that IF you’re going to feed using plastic bottles, that you get the ones which are BPA free (do not contain the carcinogenic toxin Bisphenol A). These Born Free bottles come with a special valve to prevent leaks and reduce air swallowing. Read Time mag article on toxins in plastic bottles.

Glass Bottles for Milk Storage
Store your breastmilk in glass bottles and not plastic since research shows the chemicals in plastic leach into the breastmilk. You don’t want their milk to contain xeno-estrogens and Bisphenol-A (BPA). I recommend you get 12 of these 4 oz bottles so you can freeze an good supply of milk. Baby can drink up to 8oz per feeding once they are 3-5 months, but it’s good to keep the milk stored in 4oz containers so you don’t have to thaw 8oz and use only 4oz.

Avent iQ24 Sterilizer
My favorite sterilizer since it fits all my bottles and pumping equipment at the same time and keeps them sterile for 24 hrs. Other options are the microwave versions but they are smaller so you’ll need to sterilize a few batches.

Breast Friend Nursing Cushion
I love this breastfeeding cushion and could not have survived without it the first 3 months. I bough 3 of them and keep one in the car. It stays on quite well during feedings since it straps on around you unlike the Boppie cushion which always falls away while baby is feeding.

Lactate Support by Professional Solutions Lactate Support

A great combination of herbs including Fenugreek which really boosts your milk supply in case you are running low during your baby’s growth spurts, or your want your milk to come in sooner after birth. It really works amazing well and safely within 24-48 hours. Take 1-2 capsules three times a day between meals until you are producing enough milk, then stop or cut back dosage. (You may notice your BO will smell like maple syrup and that’s normal and quite funny!)

BabyBjorn Baby Seat
Better than most other bouncy seats since it has 3 positions and folds down flat for travel or storage. I used it for Kira after feedings to help elevate her so food goes down minimizing spit-up.

Diapering Products

Diaper Bag
There are a ton of options on bags, but I suggest you find one that fits over the handles of the stroller. Bags with one long strap fit easily. Or if you find one that has 2 straps, you can buy two plastic swivel hooks (these Velco ones are the best) that fit on stroller handle.

Diapers and Wipes from Seventh Generation
These are the most non-toxic and environmentally friendly disposable baby products. Ideal since they are unscented and contain no irritating chemicals like other diapers & wipes. Amazon has a great deal on them if you signup for their auto-delivery program. You’ll need about 10 diapers a day for newborns. Baby wipes come in travel packs or big tubs for home.

Baby Safe 7th Generation Laundry Soap
Their laundry soap is the best since it is formulated especially for baby’s delicate skin containing no chemicals or fragrances that irritate baby’s skin. You’ll need to wash all of your clothes and sheets with this soap since baby will be on you and in your bed.

Bum Genius One Size Cloth Diapers
These are my favorite cloth diapers. So easy to use, just insert pad into center pocket and they Velcro on like disposables. You’ve got to see them to believe how great they are. I tried 6 different kinds of cloth systems, and these are the easiest to use and have adjustable snaps on center allowing for 3 sizes fitting 7-35 lbs babies. Reasons to buy cloth diapers: 1) environmentally friendly (Read about big prob with diapers in landfills). 2) You save money during the course of diaper wearing 3) They are cute 4) Easy to wash—just throw them in the wash every 1-2 days, cold water extra rinse, then another wash with hot/extra rinse. Dry in dryer or hang dry the exterior for 2hrs to have them last longer (Velcro doesn’t stick as well after 50x in the dryer). You don’t have to use cloth diapers all the time. Get your disposables for when you go out of the house. I do just fine with 14 cloth diapers and wash a load every 2 days. And she wears disposables overnight. One trick I learned about cloth diapers is that once your baby is not exclusively breastfed, his/her poop will be messier and stinkier, so using diaper liners is key. They are sold everywhere including BabiesRus and are biodegradable and flushable. Just put a liner on top of the inside of the diaper, and after they’ve pooped, just toss the liner containing poop in the toilet or trash, and the diapers are clean (or with just pee). Such easy clean up!

Kissaluv Cloth Diapers
Ideal for small babies. These are my 2nd favorite cloth diapers. Very soft and absorbent. Use a diaper cover with these. I’ll be getting these for my next newborn.

Diaper Cover (over disposables to prevent leaks)
These are awesome for using over your disposable diapers or cloth diapers. It helps keep the liquid poops inside the diapers and not all up their back. Their original purpose is for use over cloth diapers, but I found them very useful over disposables as well! Will save you many times over from having to change their poopy clothes.

Accessories, Toys, Clothes, Topical, and Oral Products

Beaba Baby Food Maker
A steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for your baby.

Whatever type you choose, get at least 30 of them since you’ll go through them quickly each day during feedings as they go over your shoulder when you burp baby (unless your baby does not spit up—then lucky you!). I also use them to dry baby’s bottom after wet wipes since you don’t want to put a diaper on a wet bottom.

Babies have lots of fun laying on these and looking up. One day, your baby will impress you when he grabs the dangling toys. And then good luck getting the baby to not grab everything in site!

Cradle Swing Chair
Hours of entertainment as babies love to look at the rotating objects above them. Some babies love to swing/be rocked back and forth and fall asleep easily in these chairs. Watch out not to turn on the swinging motion after they’ve had a feeding or they may vomit their milk due to the aggressive rocking motion. I learned many months later that there is a way to lower the swing intensity of lowest setting. Put a blanket on seat and let it hang down onto floor to create resistance.

Baby Bathtub

This tub is awesome for newborns since they lay back comfortably in the hammock. Once they are old enough, remove the hammock and they can lean back in the tub with back support.

Changing Table
A necessity. Don’t forget the changing pad and cover which fits on top. Underneath the table, you can store diapers, wipes (in wipe warmer), diaper cream, burp cloths, etc.

Baby Wipes Warmer
Very important to get before baby is born. As newborns, their bottoms are very sensitive to the cold wipes, thus the warm ones will spare you a crying fit during diaper changes.

These are all the baby will be wearing during the first few weeks of their life along with some socks (and a hat their first couple days). And you’ll probably use three onesies per day since they quickly get soiled with poop and vomit.

Footed PJs with zipper
These are a must have for the hospital and during the first few months of their life for sleeping (or daytime). Kira (5 mths) still sleeps in footed long sleve PJs every night since she gets cold at night and they kick off their covers. Zipper is great for easy diaper changes in middle of night.

Miracle Swaddling Blanket
This is the best swaddling blanket out there (in various colors), and the only one your baby will not be able to squirm out of into their 4th month. Swaddling is a really important part of keeping them feeling secure since it mimics how they were in the womb. Ideal for sleeping. Kira slept much better with the blanket than without since without it, her arms and hands would move and startle her awake (during neurological development, their arms jump in a startling motion when they sleep and since they don’t yet know that those are their own hands, they jump and startle themselves unless swaddled). The only downside to this blanket is a takes 20 seconds to wrap them since it goes around them and ties in front, but the velro swaddling blankets can scare newborns with that velcro sound.

Kiddopotamus Swaddling Blanket with Velcro
Easiest blanket to use, but the velcro sound may scare your baby as a newborn. Try it and see. Use Miracle Blanket until they can handle the velcro sound. Once they can “bust out” of this velcro blanket perhaps at 2-3 months, you can go back to using the Miracle Blanket since it’s virtually impossible for them to get out.

Gripe Water for gas and hiccups
This really works well for hiccups and gas. Haven’t tried it for teething yet. Had some success with Kira’s horrible gas pains (from dairy allergy).

Mylicon Gas Relief
Use before a feeding if you know baby is going to get gas pain. Can also be used after a feeding. Try to limit its use since it’s not good for them every day, but it’s better than a screaming baby for 2 hours. Ideally, you want to find out why they are getting so much gas. Food allergies are common so you have to look at your diet. I had to eliminate all cow’s dairy from my diet and Kira’s gas pains were gone after feedings. Many moms say that eliminating gluten was helpful. Read about food allergies for breastfeeding moms.

Baby Banz Sunglasses
If your baby has light eyes or you live in a sunny state, you will get a lot of use out of baby sunglasses. These are great with elastic strap around back. Kira does not mind wearing them at all. In fact, she likes them since she hates having bright sun in her eyes.

Natural Sunblock/Sunscreen
Solar Block Sun Block by Sanitas
This is a safe and non-toxic sun block made with zinc oxide and vitamin C. Experts don’t recommend using sunscreen on babies until they are over 6 months due to the horrible chemicals in there which go right into their blood (anything on the skin absorbs into the blood in minutes). Read this article on which ingredients are toxic in sunscreens. But even after 6 months you shouldn’t put those toxic sunscreen chemicals all over their little bodies unless you really have to. I highly recommend Solar Block which is made by a pharmacist friend of mine who makes excellent non-toxic skin products.

Other non-toxic sunscreens

Mercola’s Natural Sunscreen

Total Sun Protection Cream by Life Extension Foundation

Car Seat: Combi Zeus
If your stroller does not come with a car seat or car seat adaptor, you’ll have to get one separately. This is a delux carseat that turns sideways to easily get your baby in and out of the car. I wish I had this one! I break my back getting Kira into and out of her carseat.

Toys for Car Seat
Don’t forget to get the dangling toys that hook onto the carseat handle so your baby has something to look at or play with while staring at the backseat of your car while you drive around town.

Weleda Natural Diaper Rash Cream
You must get Weleda natural baby care products to use on your baby’s skin. Most common brands of baby products in the stores are filled with chemicals which are sometimes carcinogenic and filled with dyes, fragrances, and artificial ingredients. This diaper cream works really well and it’s non-toxic.

Weleda Natural Baby Oil
Do not use regular toxic baby oil on your baby’s skin. Instead, use this wonderful natural almond and Calendula oil which hydrates their skin and sooths irritations. Babies can get very dry after birth since they are use to floating in water for 9 months. This is also great to get rid of the flakey scalp they get during their first 2 months. Just rub some on their head and the flakey skin comes off.

Weleda Natural Soap
Wonderful natural and delicate soap for baby’s bath with a mild lavender scent. We use it every day on Kira and you can also wash their hair with it.

Weleda Natural Shampoo and Body Wash

Hooded baby towels
Get a couple since one might get soiled after getting baby out of bath. The bigger the towel the better since they are cold getting out and you want to wrap them up completely. The very soft terry towels are typically too small and not absorbent enough so baby is shaking on a wet thin towel. Thicker is better. Don’t forget to always wash baby towels and clothes with baby detergent (no chemicals and fragrances) to avoid skin irritations.

Breastfeeding Reminder MilkBands
Handy wristband which tracks what time you last breastfed and which side it was on so that you remember when it’s time to feed baby again, and which breast to give.

Breastfeeding tops: Bravado Nursing Tanks
These are my very favorite tops for everyday use and nursing. I tried 5 different kinds of tops and these are the best.

Breastfeeding tops: FreshMums
These are my second favorite nursing tops and they are from Australia. Great built in support. (the Glamourmom tops only fit well if you are small breasted).