Can babies drink Goat Milk instead of commercial infant formula?

In brief, yes, RAW goat milk can be used successfully, but it should be made according to the official, time tested and proven recipe for homemade infant formula in order for it to match breast milk’s protein/fat/water/nutrient ratios.

Many moms including myself, had great success using raw goat milk formula. Common feedback from moms using this formula with their babies is that they notice big improvements in colic, gas pains, eczema, skin rashes, constipation, and ear infections.

The key is using FRESH milk from healthy goats on pasture (Do NOT use the ultra-pasteurized goat milk and NOT the goat milk powder either).  The reason using raw milk is key is because it contains all its living enzymes and beneficial bacteria just like breast milk does, and this allows the milk to be easily digested, naturally lower in lactose, and less allergenic.

You’ll need to find a local farm who has goats, or have the raw goat milk shipped to you. The quality of the milk you get will greatly affect how your baby is able to digest the milk and how well he/she thrives on it.  (i.e. goats which are raised on natural pasture and grasses make healthy milk that is easy to digest vs goats fed GMO corn and grains which produce milk high in allergens).

A large number of moms have found this formula to be a life saver for their babies who were allergic or sensitive to cow dairy formula and not doing well on commercial infant formula powder.

Follow the Time Saver Bulk Preparation, and you’ll be done in 10 min per day. You can also see Dr. Sears’ reply on this topic, although we do NOT recommend pasteurized, canned, or boxed goat milk which is advertised all over his page.

Go to RealMilk.com to find fresh raw milk from a farm. Hopefully near you to avoid shipping fee, but keep in mind, you the expense of this high quality milk is worth its weight in gold due to the health benefits for your child.

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Annika Rockwell, Certified Nutritionist