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My breastfed baby has bad gas and skin rashes. Is it the dairy and gluten I’m eating?

Q: I am breastfeeding and my baby has had many issues such as rashes and gas, bad gas. We figured out the rashes were a gluten sensitivity in my breast milk because when I gave up gluten and the rashes went away. I am currently avoiding all dairy to see if that solves the gas [Read more…]

Baby Resources & Breastfeeding Websites

Baby Changing Station Breastfeeding Guide Sara Spencer – RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Baby Questions and Answers This site is well known to have accurate answers to all your baby and breastfeeding questions and problems. Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding Excellent videos to troubleshoot your nursing problems. La Leche League FL A [Read more…]

Nutrient Comparison Chart: Breast Milk vs Homemade Formula

From Weston A Price Foundation Based on 36 ounces   Breast Milk Cow’s Milk Formula Goat Milk Formula Liver-Based Formula Calories 766 856 890 682 Protein 11.3g 18g 18g 15g Carbohydrates 76g 79g 77g 69g Total Fat 48g 52g 54g 36g Saturated Fat 22g 28g 30g 16g Mono Fat 18g 16g 16g 12g Poly Fat 5.5g [Read more…]