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My breastfed baby has bad gas and skin rashes. Is it the dairy and gluten I’m eating?

Q: I am breastfeeding and my baby has had many issues such as rashes and gas, bad gas. We figured out the rashes were a gluten sensitivity in my breast milk because when I gave up gluten and the rashes went away. I am currently avoiding all dairy to see if that solves the gas [Read more…]

Healthy Kids Snacks by Beyond Organic

Are you looking for truly healthy, delicious, and convenient snacks for your kids? I’ve been looking for “Real Food” snacks and beverages that I can easily pack in my child’s lunchbox, but the choices at the health food store are too often simply “healthy junk food”. Beyond Organic Foods and Snacks Provide Great Nutrition for [Read more…]

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Fish by Vital Choice Beef, Chicken, Franks, and Bone Broth (gelatin) by US Wellness Meats Berries by Vital Choice Trail Mix & Nuts by Vital Choice Beyond Organic: 100% Greenfed Beef, raw cheese, and yogurt beverage Clean Fish, Grass-fed Beef, and Organic Berries Only the best quality! Clean Alaskan Seafood to Your Door ships [Read more…]