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Fertility resources for getting pregnant naturally

Sadly, women’s Fertility is a growing issue in the US. Are you over 40 and wish to become pregnant? Or perhaps you have suffered with repeated miscarriages. Are you concerned you’ve missed your chance to conceive? Would you like to increase your fertility and improve egg quality? If you’d like support for fertility, solutions, and information, [Read more…]

Online Classes: Cooking Real Food, Meal Plans, Health, and Special Diets

Are you looking to expand your knowledge? Here are some of my favorite online classes on various topics related to holistic health, nutrition, cooking, and meal preparation. I know them well, and highly recommend them! At very least, sign up for their newsletters and checkout their blogs. Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum Nutrition For Pregnancy Fertility, Pre-Conception, [Read more…]

Birthing Classes & Doulas

Amazing Births (S. Florida) The best money I spent before the baby arrived was for Hypnobirthing classes (available via, and for the Doula. Read more about how these amazing Doulas will help you through your labor—every single minute of it (even if it takes days!). Using their many years of experience, they will meet with [Read more…]