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Where can I study nutrition to get a certificate or credentials?

Where can I study nutrition to get a certificate or credentials as a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Nutrition Consultant (NC), or Certified Health Coach (CHC)? There are a few different nutrition certification or accreditation programs one can pursue including these listed below which generally take 1-4 years of study depending on [Read more...]

GAPS Diet and grain-free meal plans for gastrointestinal GI healing
GAPS Freezer-ebook

Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS Diet is a powerful healing system ideal for children who have any of the following: Seriously picky eating habits with health challenges. “Food addictions” to dairy, gluten, and processed junk foods. “Leaky gut” resulting in food allergies and food intolerances. Overgrowth of yeast or of bad bacteria in their intestines (or anywhere in body). [Read more...]

Dairy Digestibility Chart

Dairy Digestibility Chart Dairy Digestability v3  PDF If your infant or child is lactose intolerant or has a hard time with dairy such as cow milk (eczema, constipation, reflux, gas, skin rashes, ear infections, etc), here is a chart to help you understand which dairy foods are easiest to digest vs most difficult so you can [Read more...]

Online Classes: Cooking Real Food, Meal Plans, Health, and Special Diets

Are you looking to expand your knowledge? Here are some of my favorite online classes on various topics related to holistic health, nutrition, cooking, and meal preparation. I know them well, and highly recommend them! At very least, sign up for their newsletters and checkout their blogs. Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum Nutrition For Pregnancy Fertility, Pre-Conception, [Read more...]

Bone Broth: The Magical Ingredient for Your Infant’s Gastrointestinal concerns and Food Allergies

Fresh homemade bone broth (aka. stock) is a magical food that you must keep in stock at all times in your freezer. I make a BIG batch of it every 2-3 weeks and freeze it to use through the weeks. Bone broth contains important minerals in a form that is easy for the body to [Read more...]

Health benefits of eggs from pasture-raised hens

When buying eggs to feed your infants and young children, it is critical to consider the health benefits and advantages of “pasture-raised eggs” (the GOLD standard) over “free-roaming” or “organic” eggs – and certainly over conventional (aka battery hens) grocery store eggs. Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it for you to find a source of [Read more...]

Healthy Kids Snacks by Beyond Organic
Beyond Organic Logo Mission Marketer

Are you looking for truly healthy, delicious, and convenient snacks for your kids? I’ve been looking for “Real Food” snacks and beverages that I can easily pack in my child’s lunchbox, but the choices at the health food store are too often simply “healthy junk food”. Beyond Organic Foods and Snacks Provide Great Nutrition for [Read more...]

GAPS Diet from the Book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Campbell-McBride MD
Book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome"

The GAPS diet is a comprehensive gastrointestinal healing protocol developed by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, a neurologist and nutritionist who specializes in healing of issues like autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia and schizophrenia by treating the root cause of many of these disorders: compromised gut health. Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride works with hundreds of children and [Read more...]

Holistic Practitioners in South Florida

Miami, FL and Broward County holistic practitioners (Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Doulas, Midwives, and Dentists) specializing in natural, safe, non-toxic treatments for infants and children, and pre-conception care Pediatricians Bruce Eisenberg, MD & Varisa Perlman, MD Holistic Pediatrician and Board Certified Homeopath at Miami Beach Pediatrics Giler Bldg – 975 41st Street (Alton) #408 -Miami Beach, [Read more...]

Birthing Classes & Doulas

Amazing Births (S. Florida) The best money I spent before the baby arrived was for Hypnobirthing classes (available via, and for the Doula. Read more about how these amazing Doulas will help you through your labor—every single minute of it (even if it takes days!). Using their many years of experience, they will meet with [Read more...]