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Cookbooks and snacks for helping reverse leaky gut and lack of focus

Question: I am looking for cookbooks and snack ideas as well as information about healing gut permeability.  How would I assess if there is gut permeability (leaky gut) in my 8 year-old? Answer: Here are some resources for some of my favorite cookbooks which feature “Real Foods” that have a healing effect on the intestinal [Read more…]

GAPS Diet and grain-free meal plans for gastrointestinal GI healing

Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS Diet is a powerful healing system ideal for children who have any of the following: Seriously picky eating habits with health challenges. “Food addictions” to dairy, gluten, and processed junk foods. “Leaky gut” resulting in food allergies and food intolerances. Overgrowth of yeast or of bad bacteria in their intestines (or anywhere in body). [Read more…]

Why do kids get high cholesterol and what diet to put them on?

Client Question: My 4 year old’s bloodwork has come back showing high cholesterol. It is hereditary for sure, my husband has it and so does his other daughter. My daughter’s pediatrician has ordered that she come back for more bloodwork to see how it breaks down into good/bad cholesterol, so we can wait for that [Read more…]

Safe, Natural Treatments and Prevention for Your Child’s Eczema

If your child experiences eczema or a related skin disorder, it may be surprising to learn that these types of disorders are generally caused by a lack of enough friendly bacteria in the body, produced in the digestive tract and used by the immune system to maintain health. From her research, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author [Read more…]

Dairy Digestibility Chart

Dairy Digestibility Chart Dairy Digestability v3  PDF If your infant or child is lactose intolerant or has a hard time with dairy such as cow milk (eczema, constipation, reflux, gas, skin rashes, ear infections, etc), here is a chart to help you understand which dairy foods are easiest to digest vs most difficult so you can [Read more…]

Bone Broth: The Magical Ingredient for Your Infant’s Gastrointestinal concerns and Food Allergies

Fresh homemade bone broth (aka. stock) is a magical food that you must keep in stock at all times in your freezer. I make a BIG batch of it every 2-3 weeks and freeze it to use through the weeks. Bone broth contains important minerals in a form that is easy for the body to [Read more…]

Healthy Infant Feeding Chart and First Baby Foods

First Baby Foods The biggest area of confusion with moms is about first baby foods. There is no shortage of books on the topic, and Pediatricians even have their recommendations, but are those recommendations correct? Are they based on any scientific research? Unfortunately not! Most 1st baby food recommendations in books and at the pediatrician [Read more…]

Food Allergies to dairy and eggs is Amasai safe?

Q: My daughter is on a very special diet of no dairy and no eggs due to severe allergies. Is it safe for her to consume Beyond Organic’s Amasai cultured yogurt or Raw Cheese? Also, she really does not like meat but I’m interested in Beyond Organic’s Greenfed ground beef. How do I get her to eat it? [Read more…]

Good Snacks for Kids Under 12 months

Q:I’m trying to replace Cheerios. Is puffed rice a good snack food for a 10 month old? A: Nope, it’s really not ideal. Puffed rice and other puffed cereals are subject to extreme pressure and temperatures (extrusion) damaging the grain (rice, oats, wheat) significantly and it has some negative effect on endocrine system.Animal studies comparing [Read more…]