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Do I have to vaccinate my child for school in FL?

No! I bet you your child’s school told you that you HAD to get your child vaccinated, right? Wrong. Where I live in Florida (and in most states), parents are allowed to completely OPT OUT of vaccines via a “religious exemption from vaccines” from the Immunization Department, which allows either complete or partial vaccine exemption. However, no [Read more…]

How to get a vaccine exemption form for your child’s school
Opt out of vaccines and flu shots

UPDATE May 2014: If you’ve done your research and decided that you will NOT be giving your child any vaccines or only SOME vaccines, then CONGRATULATIONS on making a great decision! Now, you’ll need to obtain a “vaccine exemption form” (religious waver) from the Immunization Department so you can give it to your child’s school [Read more…]

Vaccine Dangers Educational Sites

See my RECOMMENDED BOOKS on Vaccines which covers the information the pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know about. National Vaccine Information Center  Dr. Mercola’s site: The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup Natural News articles and resources DVD: The Greater Good (Nov 2011)  Book: Saying No to Vaccines by Dr. [Read more…]