Comprehensive Nutrition Package

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation Package: 4 Parts – $375

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Implementing changes to your child’s daily nutrition is no small task! If you are in need of some in-depth support with his/her health challenges, this package is ideal. Common ailments which can be improved with a customized nutrition and supplement program include: allergies, ear infections, gastro-intestinal (GI)/tummy issues, chronic coughs or sinus congestion, learning and behavior issues, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), hyperactivity & ADHD, lack of focus, weak immune system, reflux, eczema, rashes, autism, “picky eaters”, mood issues, anger, aggression, depression, and anxiety. During your consultation, Annika will assess your child’s health history, diet, and symptoms and then customize a nutritional program. Read more details below…

Part 1: Evaluation & Assessment – 90 minutes
(Meet with Annika by phone, Skype/FaceTime, or in person in Southwest Ranches, FL)

  • Discussion of your goals, your child’s medical and health history, health status, and symptoms.
  • Assessment of your child’s nutritional status and imbalances based on his/her diet & symptoms.
  • Coaching to address the specific nutrition needs and symptoms your child is having.
  • Education: Understand how your child is biochemically unique and start to uncover which foods/diets are beneficial or harmful for his/her health. You will finish this consultation with a clear picture of what changes will need to be made, as well as some optional lab testing you may want to consider.

Part 2: Plan Preparation – 60 minutes (Annika’s prep-work)

  • Annika will prepare a customize diet and supplement plan based on goals and assessment, as well as links to recommended reading and other educational resources pertaining to your child’s health and nutritional concerns.
  • Your plan will include specific eating suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, foods to avoid, and supplements.  It will also include strategy on how to implement the diet, how to make certain recipes, links to videos, support networks, recommended reading, and other educational resources.
  • You will have access to dozens of recipes via Victus Health Diet software which will be customized for your child’s needs (i.e. food allergies or sensitivities removed). As your child’s health changes over time, his/her diet will be further customized within the software which has thousands of possible recipes.
Part 3: Follow-up on Implementation – 45 minutes
  • This time can be split up between email and/or phone call with questions on your program and how to implement it.
  • Optional Lab Testing discussion: Nutritional blood tests, urine test, stool test, and hair mineral test can be ordered to help assess your child’s current nutritional needs, allergies, sensitivities, GI health, and immune system. All lab tests are offered to you at cost (no markup) and range from $100-$350.
  • The lab tests offered include food sensitivity testing via LEAP MRT by Oxford Labs, or ALCAT, hair mineral analysis with heavy metals (Analytical Research Labs), urine Organic Acid Tests (OAT) including oxalates and microbiology (Great Plains Labs – GPL), Comprehensive 2-Day Stool Analysis by GPL, SpectraCell’s Nutritional Status test, MTHFR genetic mutation, Gluten Sensitivity Array 3 (Cyrex Labs), and 24-hour urine Iodine loading test (Hakala Labs).
Part 4: Follow-up, Questions, Plan Modifications – 30 minutes
  • Email and/or phone call to discuss progress, questions, modifications to program, strategy revisions, etc.
  • Or, review of new lab test results
  • If allotted time runs out, you may purchase of a “Follow-up Consultation”.

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Getting Started!

    1. Pay: To begin, please first pay for your consultation.
    2. Fill Out Questionnaire: Please email us your completed Nutrition Questionnaire BEFORE the consultation.  It will take about 15+ minutes to fill out, and will ask you questions about your child’s current meals and snacks, health ailments, concerns, goals, and medical/health history. A 3-day food recall (diet diary) will be necessary.
    3. Schedule your consultation meeting time here:

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