Do I have to vaccinate my child for school in FL?

No! I bet you your child’s school told you that you HAD to get your child vaccinated, right? Wrong.

Where I live in Florida (and in most states), parents are allowed to completely OPT OUT of vaccines via a “religious exemption from vaccines” from the Immunization Department, which allows either complete or partial vaccine exemption. However, no school or daycare will EVER tell you about this right that you have. Infuriating!

All three of the schools my child has attended told me that vaccines were REQUIRED before enrollment (Kira started school care at age 1). Yet, upon further investigation, I found out that this was incomplete information.

As long as you have the magical “vaccine waver“, then vaccines are NOT required for your kids to attend ANY kind of school, pre-school, day care, or Montessori school.

Here is a great article with more information on “The Truth about School Vaccine Exception”:

The market for vaccines is expected to surpass $36 billion dollars by 2013.  Vaccines are clearly an important growth industry for Big Pharma.  Just witness the rapid increase in the childhood vaccination schedule from 3 shots in 1950 to 68 vaccines by age 11-12 today (25 of those by the age of 6 months)!

“As a speech-language pathologist in the pediatric setting, I have seen many cases of children having seizures within 36-72 hours following routine vaccines with a traumatic regression in the child’s brain and language and overall development.  I feel in my heart, it is linked to vaccines and do not want to subject any of my children to this.”

I encourage for parents to NOT follow the Pediatrician’s vaccine schedule and create their own version. Either get no vaccines at all (which is what I opted for), or create a modified vaccine schedule starting as late as possible (after age 3) and spread out each vaccine by several months.

Here are some of my favorite BOOKS on the topic of vaccine dangers which help guide you and empower you in making the right decision for your child.

It’s critical that you educate yourself on both sides of the topic, and with your knowledge and resources, you’ll feel confident in your decision. Don’t let yourself be bullied by doctors or schools! Trust me, you will NEVER forgive yourself if you give into a vaccine that causes your child permanent neurological damage.

In my mid 20’s, I spent 8 years working with vaccine injured children and their parents, and it was truly one of the saddest jobs I ever had. Please know that there is a lot of hidden information about the big dangers of vaccines. It’s a multi BILLION dollar business. Beware!