Do I have to vaccinate my child for school in FL?

Schools and daycares tell parents that they MUST have completed immunization forms in order for their child to enter school. But, I bet they didn’t tell you that if you choose NOT to vaccinate your child, or want to spread out the vaccines or do a selective schedule, you child CAN STILL GO to school, as long as you give the school a vaccine exemption form obtain from your city’s Immunization Department. This post will help you with resources to obtain this form if you wish to do so.

The decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate is a CHOICE parents must make after doing their research. Routine vaccinations is NOT an obligation in Florida and many other states, and doctors who choose to intimidate their patients and tell them they MUST vaccinate their child on “the schedule” or they will be dismissed as a patient, can get into some big legal trouble. If you have not had time to do your research on the subject or feel your child would benefit from a selective vaccine schedule or want to spread out the vaccines, then that is your RIGHT as a parent. You can refuse the medical intervention if you wish and request it be administered differently. Know your rights. Get knowledgeable on the topic.

Here is a great article with more information on “The Truth about School Vaccine Exception”:

As mentioned, if you live in Florida, you are allowed to completely OPT OUT of vaccines or do a selective schedule if you have a “religious exemption from vaccines” from the Immunization Department. This allows either complete or partial vaccine exemption. (some vaccines contain aborted fetal cells and some do not – thus various religious groups object to the use of those specific vaccines which contain aborted cells. Other religions object to all vaccines for a number of reasons. You are not required to discuss your specific religious views with your doctor or child’s school).

As long as you have the “vaccine waver“, then vaccines are NOT required for your child to attend ANY kind of school, pre-school, day care, or Montessori school. Catholic schools are a bit different. Some accept the religious waver and some do not. You can print out this Vatican Statement on vaccinations to see if this sways your child’s school: Vatican Statement on Vaccines Derived From Aborted Human Fetuses

Here are some of my favorite BOOKS on the topic of vaccine dangers which help guide you and empower you in making the right decision for your child.

It’s critical that you educate yourself on both sides of the topic, and with your knowledge and resources, you’ll feel confident in your decision. Don’t let yourself be intimidated or bullied by doctors or schools! You cannot undo the damage of vaccine induced neurological damage. But you can buy yourself time to make a more informed decision.

In my mid 20’s, I spent 8 years working with vaccine injured children and their parents, and it was truly one of the saddest jobs I ever had. Please know that there is a lot of hidden information about the dangers of vaccines. It’s a multi BILLION dollar business.

I highly recommend this Documentary Series of videos called – The Truth About Vaccines: