Food Allergies to dairy and eggs is Amasai safe?

Q: My daughter is on a very special diet of no dairy and no eggs due to severe allergies. Is it safe for her to consume Beyond Organic’s Amasai cultured yogurt or Raw Cheese? Also, she really does not like meat but I’m interested in Beyond Organic’s Greenfed ground beef. How do I get her to eat it?

A: Food allergies and sensitivities in children can be complicated. I’d need to know more about your child’s health history and know about the testing and reactions she’s had to foods to better assess the situation.

However, one thing we know for sure… as we heal and repair the gut lining using specialized nutrition protocols, the allergies and sensitives diminish or can be reversed entirely. Jordan Rubin himself (owner of Beyond Organic) went through this and details his health story in his books.

The other thing that is important to know, is that the typical dairy out there on the market (including the organic dairy), is highly allergenic because it comes from A-1 dairy cows, plus the dairy is ultra-pasteurized,  making it very hard to digest and even more allergenic.

Knowing all this, Jordan decided the cows on him farm would be exclusively A2 cows, and the cheese is not pasteurized. The Amasai is very low temperature pasteurized. All of this results in dairy that is much easier to digest and much less likely to cause allergic reactions. In brief, it’s the healthiest and safest dairy to consume. Not only does it contain more calcium, protein, good fats, and vitamins, but you absorb it much better since it’s digested well.

However, if your child has some severe food allergy issues, it means that some gut healing protocols have to be administered for at least a month before it is safe to start on the A2 dairy by Beyond Organic.

A book you may want to read on this topic of healing the intestines to reverse allergies is:
Gut and Psychology Syndrome | GAPS Diet Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

And here is an online course on how to reverse food allergies:
Reversing Food Allergies — An Online Cooking Class

Both the book and the online course complement each other.

What’s also really interesting to note, is that kids who have food allergies often have food aversions or texture issues – but they get over them once their system gets healed. So its very likely that once you have healed your daughter’s GI tract, she will really enjoy beef and other foods she may currently dislike. I’ve seen it happen many times!