Food Resources

Organic and Grass-fed Beef, Dairy, Clean Fish, and Organic Berries

Beyond Organic: Beef, Dairy, & Beverages

  • GreenFed™ Beef and Dairy: 100% Grassfed; no grains whatsoever. (Ground Beef & Beef Hot Dogs)
  • Easily digested dairy with 30 live probiotic strains. (Amasai cultured yogurt and Raw Cheese)
  • A2 cow herd; no A-1 beta-casein allergen.
  • No high heat processing of dairy: Leaves proteins, fats and probiotics undamaged.
  • Natural electrolyte rich sports drink made with cultured whey. (Suero Viv)
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Infused with probiotics, omega 3s, and fiber.
  • Mountain Spring Water infused with antioxidants. (Reign water and Reign flavored infusions)
  • Cows raised on land free of pesticides, herbacides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.
  • No antibiotics, no hormones, and no vaccines.
  • Kind treatment of animals, humanely slaughtered and with Kosher methods.
  • Non-GMO foods and ingredients.
  • Conveniently shipped right to your door.

Clean Alaskan Seafood to Your Door Only the best quality! ships you clean fish free of Mercury, dioxins, and antibiotics, but rich in Omega-3s fresh from the Alaskan sea right to your door in small vacuum sealed bags on dry ice. Vital Choice fish is ecologically harvested and each batch is tested for contaminants. To prepare, just thaw in cold water 15 minutes and bake or grill 10 minutes! Learn more and order great seafood.

Organic Berries offers the best frozen berries I have every tried and incredible mixed into your smoothies. Their varieties include Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries. They are flash frozen and shipped to your door on dry ice. Learn more and order organic berries.


Grassfed Beef – Raised without Antibiotics, Hormones, or Pesticides

Grass-fed Beef: US Wellness

US Wellness Meats has Organic grass-fed beef which is the highest quality beef you can get! Red meat is not healthy UNLESS you’re getting it grass-fed and organic or wild game. I highly recommend meat from healthy animals who are free to roam outdoors, eat grass, and get natural sunshine. The meat is not only tastier, but much richer in vitamins and healthy fats! Learn more and order healthy beef.

Produce: Miami & Broward County Fruits, Veggies and Farmer’s Markets

If you live in Miami Dade or Broward county, check out these great resources for local produce and farmer’s markets in South Florida.

My Healthy Food Club – Miami, FL and Broward County

A private club offering raw dairy, beef, chicken, and pork from an Amish farm with humanely raised pasture-fed animals. 100% grassfed/free roaming animals.