Beef: Grassfed & Organic

Grass Fed Beef is Healthy! US Wellness


Should children eat red meat?

The answer is not straightforward. But YES, if it’s from healthy animals who have been humanely raised eating grass from pasture. Red meat can be an incredibly nourishing food rich in protein, iron, and B-vitamins. Yet, the meat available to us at the local grocery store is most likely NOT from healthy animals, and certainly not humanely treated. Don’t even think about giving your kids fast food meat! That “meat” is about the worst quality beef you can find.

If you’re going to buy beef for your family, you MUST look for healthy pastured animals who roamed outdoors in the sun grazing on grass and pasture through their life. A cow who eats a corn and grain diet is NOT healthy! And “grain-fed” beef is what is sold at the stores and restaurants unless otherwise noted on the package.

US Wellness Meats has grass-fed beef which is the highest quality beef you can get, and the animals are raised without antibiotics or hormones. Their animals are healthy and free to roam outdoors, eat grass, and get natural sunshine, and the grass does not have any pesticides. The meat is not only tastier, but much richer in vitamins and healthy fats! Learn more and order healthy beef.