Seafood: Clean & Non-Toxic

Fish by Vital Choice

Great Fish from the Clean Alaskan Sea

Only the best quality, safe for infants and children, stores easily in the freezer, and prepare in minutes!

Clean Alaskan Seafood Delivered to Your Door for Your Whole Family ships you clean fish free of Mercury, dioxins, and antibiotics, but rich in Omega-3s fresh from the Alaskan sea right to your door in small vacuum sealed bags on dry ice. Vital Choice fish is ecologically harvested and each batch is tested for contaminants. To prepare, just thaw in cold water 15 minutes and bake or grill 5-10 minutes! Learn more and order great seafood.

For many years, I have personally used and recommended Vital Choice for all parents who are concerned about obtaining SAFE fish for their children. Vital Choice makes my life easier. First, they provide me with great quality fish free of mercury and toxic pollutants. And next, they vacuum seal all their seafood in little individual containers so they are easy to store in the freezer and thaw right before use.

The fish, shrimp, and scallops are excellent protein choices rich in Omega-3s, and high quality protein.