How to get a vaccine exemption form for your child’s school

Opt out of vaccines and flu shotsUPDATE May 2014:
If you’ve done your research and decided that you will NOT be giving your child any vaccines or only SOME vaccines, then CONGRATULATIONS on making a great decision!

Now, you’ll need to obtain a “vaccine exemption form” (religious waver) from the Immunization Department so you can give it to your child’s school or daycare. Read below to learn how.

Unlike what the schools or Dr’s office will tell you, your child is NOT required to be vaccinated in order to attend daycare, preschool, or school. And, it’s quite simple get a “vaccine exemption form” for for your child.
Again, Vaccines are NOT required for them to go to school in Florida. If the school tells you otherwise, they are misinformed about FL law.
Here is how you can get the vaccine exemption form for your child in Florida:
Call the Immunization Dept for an appointment to get an Immunization Exemption Form. In Google, just type in “Immunization Department [your city, state].

Where I live in Miami, FL here is the phone # which I found in Google by typing in Immunization Department Miami, FL.
Tel: (786) 845-0550
Health Department, 1350 NW 14th St, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33125
Walk-ins 8:30am- 3pm, or by appointment.

Call them to make an appointment for a “Vaccine Religious Exemption Form”. They will ask you for your name and address, but they will NOT ask you anything about your religion. They are not allowed to ask you anything about your religion.

At your appointment, you have the option of bringing your child, or not. Bring your ID and your child’s Social Security card. That’s it!

You will be in a waiting room filled with people who unlike you, are there to GET their shots. And I was actually approached by a nurse asking me if I wanted to give my daughter the flu shot that day. “No thanks!”

Once you are in the room with the nurse, she will go over the key aspects of the “Vaccine Waver” with you (a blue paper). The nurse warned me “IF there is a disease outbreak at your child’s school, it is required that your child will need to be one of the first to evacuate the school that day.”

“No problem!” I said as I signed the document.

One thing to note, that signed waver is YOUR PROPERTY. You can give it to your child’s school, but they are required to give it back to you when/if you change schools.

The whole process took less than 30 minutes.

With this exemption form, you have the right to decide which vaccines you want your child to have, IF any. And YOU decide IF and WHEN. As a parent, this is YOUR right to choose.

Immunization Guidelines for FL Schools and Daycare

Look on page 12 – Religious Exemption from Immunization (DH 681 Form)