Is it safe to drink raw milk?

YES. It’s quite safe. It’s much safer to consume raw milk than eat deli meats for example. And based on stats including a Stanford University Microbiologist (p56 of Expert Court Testimony), it’s safer to drink raw milk than pasteurized milk. The main concern is to get your milk from an ethical farm with healthy animals who graze freely on pastures so that your milk is of good quality.

Here are some stats from 2008:
* 60 government-reported illnesses from raw milk per year.
* About 500,000 raw milk drinkers in the US.
* Rate of illness from raw milk can be calculated at .012%.
* 76,000,000 cases of food-borne illness from all sources in the US per year. (from deli meats, produce, chicken, beef, pasteurized milk, etc)
* Population about 300,000,000
* Rate of illness from all foods is 25%

Thus, even using inflated government statistics on illness from raw milk, you are over 2,000 times more likely to contract illness from other foods than from raw milk. PLUS, drinking raw milk protects you against illness from other foods!

The problem is with the big farms who are just concerned with profit and do things to increase milk production which in turn makes the animals sick, yet they still milk them even if unhealthy with infections. The details on this story are quite disgusting and sad. The health of the animal has everything to do with the health of the milk. Your main goal should be obtaining milk from healthy grass fed, free roaming, happy animals.

Excerpt from Natural News article on traditional foods 10/24/08:
“…we recently posted a review of 102 studies purportedly that show that raw milk is dangerous. We went through each study and showed that in almost 95% of those studies they were just very biased and it was a foregone conclusion. They did not actually show that raw milk had caused disease. But they stated that it had in the abstract of the study. So there’s a tremendous amount of bias and prejudice against raw milk and this is reflected in the scientific literature….”

Another Natural News articleon safety of Raw Milk
“…The Weston A. Price Foundation made several requests for clarification on the claims but none have been substantiated. There are also no accounts of these illnesses, hospitalizations, or deaths in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly or any other FDA or CDC document.

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