Nutrition and immune support for UTIs in 9 month old

First, try to figure out what caused the UTI so you can address the underlying issue. Has your child been on antibotics?  Does your child take bubble baths?

Does she drink enough water? Consume sugar or processed/refined foods? Does her diet contain a natural source of good bacteria? (i.e. raw milk, raw yogurt, kefir)

Second, be sure to use HLC MindLinx powder probiotics daily which is very helpful in recolonizing the good bacteria in the intestines and bladder. If your child is already on antibiotics, Probiotics must be used DURING and after antibiotic treatment, not just after. Give them the probiotic 3 hours or more after taking the antibiotic.

Avoid Cranberry extract for infants since it can be a little acidic to the bladder.

Instead, I would recommend giving a young child Mannose Powder by Vital Nutrients to help prevent re-occurrence. Infants and toddlers can take 1/2 tsp daily dissolved in water, between or with meals.

Adequate Vitamin D levels are very important! Have you been giving your child Vitamin D every day? Most babies in FL are low in Vit D (surprising since we’re the Sunshine State) and it’s causing their immune systems to be weak and get infections.

Get your child’s Vit D levels tested by your Pediatrician. But start supplementing right away during an infection since they always need more Vitamin D during infections. Give them 2,000-5,000 IU Vitamin D3 per day for 1-2 months or until your child’s lab results back. It takes 6-12 months to get vitamin D levels up to normal range while supplementing with very high doses, and it makes a dramatic difference in their ability to fight infections.

Chicken liver is a POWERFUL food for infants. It can help them get rid of infections by giving them a great dose of immune boosting vitamins found in liver (all B-vitamins, vitamin A, folic acid, iron, etc). Always buy pastured chicken liver usually available at farmer’s markets, Whole Foods, or via mail order. (See US Wellness Meats Free Range Chicken Livers).

Coconut Oil has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Add a 1 tsp to each of their meals. Use it to cook the liver or their veggies or seafood. Add it to their quinoa or brown rice.

Egg Yolks contain a lot of great nutrients to help when infections arise.

Infants older than 8 months should be having some veggies each day in the form of a puree. Try zucchini, kale, and carrot soup with a nice pat of butter mixed in.