The Picky Eater Solution:

How To Get Your Child To Eat Almost Anything

...instead of just pizza, mac-n-cheese, and nuggets!

NEW!  Online class explains why your children eat the
way they do and how to get them to do better

Dear Parent of a Picky Eater,

I’m glad you’re here because in just a few minutes, your life is going to be much, much easier.

That’s because we’re about to lift that huge burden you’ve been carrying…the one that has you worried and frustrated about the way your child eats.

You see, once you understand that there is a very real reason why your child likes pizza more than peas and French fries more than fruit, you’ll be well on your way to getting them to eat the healthy foods they need to be well and to grow into their full potential.

And you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing that there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with your child and they’re not purposely being stubborn or difficult…they just need your help.

And that’s what I provide in an online class I’m writing to tell you about today.  I’m a Certified Nutritionist, wife, mom, and ex-picky eater, and I’m thrilled for this opportunity to share all of the information and know-how necessary to provide the help they need, and not a moment too soon.

Has mealtime become your least favorite time of day?

If you absolutely dread mealtime, join the club.  You are certainly not alone.

There’s actually a picky eater epidemic, especially in the United States where so many of our children are overweight, suffer from a wide variety of allergies, and are, generally speaking, not in the best of health.

And a major culprit in all of this is their diet, but my guess is that you already know that, and that’s why you’re here.

You, like millions of other parents, yearn for a time when your child will not only eat what you serve, but enjoy it, too.

A time when their screams of “No! No! No!” will be replaced with chants of “More please!”, and when what they’re asking for is exactly what you want them to eat.

Am I dreaming?

If so, it’s a dream that can come true for you just as it has come true for countless others who have taken my class.

You see, I teach parents how to get their children to eat.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m completely obsessed with nutrition and want few things more than to get your child to eat in a manner that will enhance their health.

I know it’s possible because I achieved this with my own daughter.

Since I had suffered as an extremely picky eater and a chronically ill child (I’ll tell you more about that later), I was determined to do everything possible for my baby to ensure she would not suffer as I did. I applied the same strategies that I teach in this online class to my own child Kira, and they worked like magic!

They allowed me to create an amazingly healthy baby and now that’s she 5 years old, she’s at the top of the charts verbally, emotionally, and physically.

And, unlike me, Kira has never needed any medical intervention. No ear infections, no eczema, no antibiotics, no medications, in spite of the fact that she’s been in day care centers and schoolrooms on a full time basis since age one.

I am proud to tell you that Kira is NOT a picky eater – not by a long shot.

She will happily eat what most other kids call “disgusting”. Her school lunch box contains what some moms would think as “unthinkable” foods including sardines, fish eggs (Ikura), chicken liver, veggie soup, raw veggies, sauerkraut, bone broth soup, seaweed, plain unsweetened yogurt, whole fruit, and pumpkin seeds.

Kira is a champ and she understands the value of the foods she eats and why she doesn’t eat Cheetos and fruit roll-ups like her classmates.

How I accomplished this is exactly what I will teach you in my online class.  You see…

It takes a picky eater to heal a picky eater…

I honestly think that what makes me so unique in my ability to help you is that I was once a picky eater.  As a toddler, I refused to eat anything but bland jarred baby food, pasta, and cheese. And even through my teens, I was utterly disgusted by anything that wasn’t ice cream, sweets, and junk food.

As a result, I was always sick.  In fact, I was plagued with serious health ailments for the first 25 years of my life, and found no improvement from the advice I got from my countless visits to doctors offices and hospitals.  It was only through changes in my diet that my health radically changed.

At one point in my life I thought I’d be a doctor, but having found the solutions to my failing health through nutrition – and not our medical system – I decided (despite years of preparation toward my M.D.) to change the world with nutrition and holistic healing.

So while others may be able to tell you theoretically what it means to be a picky eater, how it feels, etc…I know from firsthand experience.

Some of my class participants have told me that listening to me is like having  an opportunity to peek into their child’s head and getting a clearer understanding of the things they can’t yet express.

I couple my own personal experiences with years of academic training and ongoing research to provide the guidance you need to have a happier, healthier child…and a happier, calmer you.


Rockwell has been a Certified Nutritionist 13+ years and is the owner of Foods for Kids Health and Nutrition4Children.

She completed her B.A. at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, where she studied psychology and pre-med.  She later obtained her nutrition certification through the American Health Sciences University in Colorado.

Perhaps what makes Annika most special in this arena is that she spent the first 25 years of her life as a picky eater!  So she knows, much better than most, what it looks and feels like .  And she has a unique perspective that allows her to calmly and completely help frustrated, often frightened, parents who are at their wits end.

When you get your own copy of “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION” you’ll be privy to the help and advice that Annika shares.   This 4+ hour course is just what you…and your child…need to get on a path toward healthy eating.

Are you wondering how to get the life-changing advice that I share?

If so, I have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that unless you live in the Miami, Florida area, you may never be able to attend any of the workshops or private sessions that I conduct.  While many parents fly in to meet me, I know that’s just not practical for everyone.

But the good news is that I videotaped a recent class and I’m making it available to you today.

Titled, “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION”, this is the next best thing to being there, and you can get it at a price that won’t ever be beat.  (More on that later.)

Mealtime at your house should be a fun time to share the events of the day and enjoy each other’s company.

With help from Annika Rockwell and the advice she shares in “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION”, you’ll transform the scene at your house into one of your favorite times of day.


The video gives a bird’s eye view of everything that took place

You’ll not only be privy to my lectures, but you’ll also “meet” the other parents in attendance.

You’ll get details on the challenges they’ve faced and hear the advice I provided for how they can turn their situations around for the better.

You’ll also see cooking demonstrations that will enlighten you on the best ways to prepare some common – and some not so common foods.

And I believe you’ll truly benefit from my ability to share with you some of what’s likely going on in the head of your picky eater, for example…

“My stomach hurts when I have that!”

For reasons you’ll learn all about in the video, some of the “healthy”, “good” foods/beverages you are begging your child to eat are making them sick.

Early on in the class you’ll learn why this is happening and some of the easy ways you can very quickly remedy the situation.

For example you’ll learn about 5 common ingredients that, once removed from your child’s diet, make it easier for them to tolerate the foods you know they should eat.

Once you do that, you’ll find that their sleeping problems, constipation, feelings of anxiety and even seizures may also quickly vanish.  Those are great side-effects, wouldn’t you say?

“Its amazing how less of a picky eater she is…”

Thanks for the Picky Eaters class!  It’s amazing how less picky of an eater she is after incorporating what you told us.  She’s sleeping better, too, and in a little better mood.  AND she is pooping much more regularly and without as much pain!  Is that TMI??    – Jennifer B., Miami

“Help, I’m addicted to that stuff!”

It may shock you to know that some of the foods your child loves to eat – like bread and pasta and sweets –contain additives that are quite ADDICTIVE.

So, just as an adult might crave caffeine, your child may crave these foods and be willing to misbehave and do almost anything to get them.

Most pediatricians aren’t aware of this, and the food industry certainly doesn’t want you to know their secret ingredients that keep kids hooked. But I do…and I’ll tell you exactly what to look out for during the class.


“He’s Been Talking…”

…after a year straight of growing without gaining weight and being sick and being on antibiotics probably a dozen times.  He was in the hospital a lot. At 1 year old he was 23 pounds, and at age 2 ½ he was STILL 23 pounds.

In the few months we’ve implemented you’re suggestions he hasn’t been sick, he’s been strong, he’s been TALKING, he never talked before.  He went from 23 pounds to 32 pounds. And its all because of the change in his nutrition and what you  (Annika/Nutrition4Children) have done for us”.     –  Candice W. and son Jacob in Miami, FL


“I want my child to eat ‘right’!”

Children who eat poorly suffer with a long list of ailments that their healthy-eating peers are able to avoid.

They are much more likely to be plagued with constipation, slower physical and language development, weaker bones, cavities, crooked teeth, poor vision, trouble sleeping through the night, and behavioral problems.  (A more complete list is shared during the class.)

As a result, your child may simply not be living up to their full potential, and no kid wants – or deserves – that.

Interestingly enough, an article appearing in the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine stated:  “This is the first generation of children in the history of mankind who are not expected to outlive us.”

How sad is that?

But, more importantly, what can you do to help reverse this trend, at least within your own household?  The answer is easy.

You can watch and take careful notes throughout Annika Rockwell’s class, “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION”.

From start to finish, it is jam packed with information you can use and share right away.  This could be the only place you’ll learn…

  • Why poor eating has become so prevalent and, of course, how to fight back.
  • What the world’s healthiest people eat.
  • How to handle the behavioral aspects of getting your child to eat better.
  • Why doctors are wrong when they tell you to never give your child this.
  • The problems with pasteurized milk, and what your child should drink instead.
  • The only salt Annika allows her daughter to use.
  • Why more kids than ever are wearing braces these days.
  • How to cook to ensure that you don’t destroy the nutritional content of your food.
  • The one food that Annika gives her daughter more often than most, sometimes as many as 6 times a week…and why.
  • The facts about cod liver oil
  • And lots more…
“Now I have the ability and the resources to provide my family with nutrient dense foods…”

Mealtime became un-enjoyable ever since I introduced solids to my first child, Lily.  She would purse her lips and turn her head.  Even at 3 years old, she still refused to eat what the family ate for dinner.

I really needed direction at that time and I almost feel like it was divine intervention that Annika was put in my path.  After taking her class, I implemented some specific strategies which Annika recommended like removing juice and other specific foods from Lily’s diet.

For the two weeks afterward, I kid you not, my daughter started pooping six times a day!  Her body was detoxing from Candida and Thrush.  The most miraculous thing about it was that she began to EAT.  She was ravenous.  She was eating everything in sight, things she would have never even considered eating before.  It was amazing! 

After taking Annika’s class I can clearly see how Lily’s diet was extremely nutrient deficient.  I now feel confident that I have the ability and the resources to provide my family with nutrient dense foods.

Lily now eats eggs, crispy kale, some fish, string beans…and best of all… she actually asks me for water!  Thanks again so much, Annika.

– Lauren & Daughters Lily and Chloe in Miami, FL


Here’s exactly how the information is presented in these 4+ hours of instruction
Video 1: Meet Annika, the Parents, and Class Overview

In this module you will:

  • Get to know Annika, learn more about her professional background, and get an in-depth glimpse at her own personal health journey (which is the motivation behind her mission to improve lives through infant and child nutrition.)
  • Hear the concerns and issues faced by real Mommies and Daddies who are going through exactly what you are.

Video 2: How Picky Eating is Damaging Your Child’s Health

In this module you will:

  • Find out how our children are REALLY doing health-wise.
  • Understand why picky eating has become such a serious health issue (it’s not just about the tantrums.)
  • Learn what healthy children should look like and how to tell if your child is one of them.
  • Get introduced to the amazing research of Dr. Weston A. Price and learn how it applies to your child’s health (and to yours too).
  • Find out what’s wrong with the typical American child’s diet.
  • Learn about Gluten and its damaging effects on the gut and your child’s health and behavior.
  • Discover the serious problems that picky eating may be a symptom of – and how you can fight back to ensure the health of your child.
Video 3: Picky Eating: Underlying Causes and Targeted Solutions

In this module you will:

  • Learn all about the underlying causes of picky eating and get practical tips on where to start to reverse them.
  • Discover how to heal your picky eater by healing their gut and boosting their nervous and immune systems.
  • Hear Q&A session with real Mommies and Daddies who share your experiences and concerns.
Video 4: Six Simple Healing Recipes for Picky Eaters and Busy Parents

In this module you will:

  • Get 6 simple recipes that are the foundation for solving picky eating.
  • Get practical tips for making and introducing these foods into your child’s diet.
  • Learn the incredible benefits of bone broth for your child and your whole family.
  • Learn the best sources of water for safe, healthy food preparation.
  • Get the REAL scoop on SOY.  Hint: you should STOP giving it to your child immediately.
Video 5: Dairy: The Background, Importance and Benefits of Raw Milk

In this module you will:

  • Learn why you should never give your child grocery store milk.
  • Discover the incredible benefits (and risks) of raw milk, as well as where to buy it and how to introduce it into your child’s diet.
  • Hear Q&A session from real mothers who likely share your concerns and confusion about grocery store milk vs. raw milk, safety concerns of both, and the safest sources for buying these products.
Video 6: Behavioral Management of Your Picky Eater: Practical Tips

In this module you will:

  • Get practical tips on the behavioral aspects of implementing the solutions.
  • Learn how to deal with tricky situations.
  • Hear how other Mommies manage picky eating behavior.
What you don’t know is harming your child

When you don’t know whether whole milk or skim milk is better for your child…or the real reason why heating food in the microwave should be avoided…or any of the proven strategies to get your finicky eater to eat better…your child suffers and so do you.

In fact, we all suffer because it means that the world is being cheated out of meeting the incredible individual your child could become…if only you knew how to equip them to bring out their best.

I hope you’ll order the online class, “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION”.

The parents who attended this class live paid $125 each, but…

Today, you can gain access to the exact same information,

from the comfort of your home (PC, iPad, MP3 player, etc),

for just $97!

In these days of rising prices and overall economic uncertainty, I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to save a few dollars and will order the class today.

Honestly, the value of the bonuses alone exceeds the price of the class, so this is a price that definitely cannot be beat.

For the sake of your picky eater, not to mention your sanity, I encourage you to sign up today.

You’ll receive:

  • 6 online videos (4+ hours of content): Value $125
    Live recording of the class includes instruction and group interaction in each of the 6, easy-to-digest modules.  They can be watched online via our members-only Web site. You may also download the content to your PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or you may listen to the mp3 audios. (I know you’re busy, so I wanted to provide options so that you could choose what’s most convenient for you.
  • Detailed Class Notes (PDF):
    These are the comprehensive class slides so you can save time taking notes.
  • Complete Class Transcript  (PDF):
    You can read the contents of the entire class, or search the PDF for any topic of interest to find the specific information you need.
  • Access to our Membership Site
    “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION” online community is where questions are answered and success stories are shared. This is also where you will benefit from much-needed support from parents going through exactly what you’re going through right now.
  • BONUS FREE GIFT #1:  Q&A recordings Value $100
    You’ll receive access to the recordings of 5 important Q&A calls during which the nutritionist answered parents’ questions and concerns as they started implementing the program strategies and ran into challenges. Some of the calls also have PDF transcripts so you can easily search through them.
  • Quick Guide to Healthiest First Baby Foods: Avoiding AllergiesBONUS FREE GIFT #2: Value $19.97
    Quick Guide to the Healthiest First Baby Foods:  Avoiding Allergies and Common Mistakes.
    This helpful guide tells you what foods to introduce to your child and when to do so.  It also shares a handy “Dairy Digestibility Chart” for those who are sensitive to dairy, and sample menu plans, as well as recipes you can use to keep you on course.
  • BONUS FREE GIFT #3:  Quick Guide to Understanding and Helping Picky Eaters. Part behavioral, part nutritional, and part physiological, I share the most common causes of picky eating, as well as some solutions. This is the quick guide for parents who may want a summary of what’s covered in the videos. It’s all summarized here and it’s a great place to start before watching the videos.

These free gifts are well worth the price of the class alone!  And buying them each separately would not be cost effective at all.

It’s all backed by my “Make You Happy” money-back guarantee.

Annika's 6-month Money Back Guarantee

I am very confident that my program will help you and your child in a matter of days or weeks. However, I’m giving you a full 6 months to learn and apply the information and strategies I share in “THE PICKY EATER SOLUTION”.

If, after 6 months, you determine that the material didn’t’ help you, please let me know.  I will promptly return your money.  You see, if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

And that’s my promise to you.

Annika Rockwell
Certified Nutritionist


VALUE: $299  for ONLY $97 today

P.S.  You have 3 options:  1) Do nothing and hope that your child will outgrow their behavior issues over the years. Based on my consulting experience, the problem only gets much worse!  2) Try to figure it out on your own and hope you do it right. Or 3) sign up for the class and implement the proven strategies. I’m giving you a 6-month, full money-back-guarantee to see how they help you and your family.