Soy and the Vegan Diet

Soy is NOT a health food. It has powerful estrogen like effects and is harmful especially to infants and children. You should NEVER feed soy to your children. The scientific research on this topic is shocking and disturbing and include failure of penis to grow, lower sperm count, early puberty (2-8 y.o), thyroid disease, cancers, soft teeth, gastro-intestinal malabsorption, and delayed brain development. The multi-billion soy industry does not want you to know about it. Please read more:The Truth About Soy

Infants & children should not eat a Vegan diet

Did you read the article about the parents who got a LIFE sentence in jail for manslaughter of their baby who they killed by feeding a vegan diet?

Veganism is absolutely not for children. Foods derived from animals are essential for a growing and developing infant/child. There are nutrients an infant just cannot obtain from a vegan diet. If you try, you may lose your baby in the process! Your goal is to get organic and grass fed happy roaming animals from an ethical/clean farm. At a recent conference I attended, a panel of nutrition experts discussed how Vegans are known to have some of the most severe nutrient deficiencies as determined by nutritional lab work/blood work & analysis. If you are pregnant, nursing, or preparing food for your baby, please avoid the vegan diet and focus on a more nutritionally complete and traditional diet.

Here is an article summarizing the Traditional Diets for healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Here is an article on Traditional Diets for babies.

If you still have concerns about beginning to eat meat or animal products, or feeding them to your child, please seek the help of a nutritionist to help you begin the process. It is vitally important to the health and survival of your child!