I first stumbled onto Annika Rockwell and Food for Kids Health through Facebook. Annika daily keeps me on track with reminders and proper nutrition ideas for my children. My children seem to brush through winter colds and minor ailments with the diet suggestions Annika has given, and supplements. Annika's vast knowledge on proper nutrition and book recommendations were very helpful recently when my children were found to have a cavity. Thanks to Annika I now have my children on fermented cod liver oil and butter oil to improve their oral health. I would have never known!!!

Thanks Annika and Food for kids health!!

Susan R.
avatar"I have learned so much from Annika over the last 4 years. From small to large issues, Annika has always been able to provide wholesome, sound advice to help our whole family.

When my son was born, I ended up having one of the worst cases of mastitis (MRSA) and thrush... I was prescribed oral antibiotics and antifungals, but after consulting with Annika... I made a full recovery and was able to continue nursing for a year!

At my daughter's one year mark, she had some digestive issues with constipation; when I consulted Annika, we were able to devise a plan to alleviate the constipation.

I love the newsletter and tips from Facebook, and love that Annika is always willing to help and go the extra mile. Thank you for everything!"

Crystal S.
avatar"Annika, since meeting you at the Baby Expo last year you have been an absolute doll! Your daily posts and health links have been invaluable to my family and I so appreciate your help in clarifying and answering my questions. Thank you for providing the direction and resources for real nourishing foods. My daughter's digestion and skin issues have greatly improved over the last few months since incorporating the GAPS diet which you suggested. I truly appreciate your guidance throughout this process. You are heaven sent!"

Heather Albert Landress
avatar"Annika, I don't know how to even begin to thank you for helping my now 16 month baby girl. I went thru a C-section and Sarah wasn't born through the birth canal which helps a newborn establish good gut flora. Additionally, I know that when moms receive antibiotics at/following delivery, it messes with Mom's/baby's gut flora.

You have helped us in so many ways, starting with things that could be done following the time of birth to help baby compensate for the lost trip through the birth canal, compounded by antibiotic exposure and still develop the best gut health possible. I will never forget when you told me: make homemade yogurt using raw milk, give her cod liver oil, eat organ meats...and lots of new things I had never even heard of. At 4-5 months Sarah started eating solids, homemade everything, nothing processed..she doesn't know what rice cereal is like, or any type of boxed foods. She eats REAL FOODS, and still nurses. Her gut flora is great! Mine is too! Also my husband followed the chain.

You inspired me to learn more about EATING TRADITIONALLY, I spend my free time learning on how to nourish my family with sacred and traditional foods. You have helped my baby tremendously with so many great things the food has to offer. You are a true inspiration/example for all the moms that want to make a change in their kids diet and you are an amazing kids' nutritionist. Because of you many parents will learn how to nourish and feed real nutritious foods, keep them healthy, have improvements in their energy, and overall health. That's what we feel now. Not only have you helped us with advice in nutrition but the whole body, you have even taught us about preparing our own body care products! Isn't that amazing?

I highly recommend Annika, she has changed the way we live our life, and my baby and family feel better than ever. Thank you for everything you have done for me and all the mommies and babies, continue your great work!

P.S Sarah is around many kids everyday since birth, and she has built a great immune system because the way we eat!"

Rebeca Beldzik
avatar"I had always been a health and wellness advocate so I was interested in learning more about Annika. Through her I learned about the GAPS diet which I think is brilliant. Every so often I have a question about something and she is always there to help. Annika is the best!"

Gail Amato Hauman
avatar"With your support and recommendations, our 7 month old is now sleeping flat in her crib without COLIC and breathing problems!  I cannot express the gratitude I feel with your persistence in helping us with our 7 month old Callie, and I'm not just saying that, Annika. With your support and recommendations for homemade formula, she is now sleeping flat in her crib (without colic and breathing problems) instead of in her bouncy seat for the first time in months. Her cheeks are now rosy, and her nose and throat are clearing. It's awesome to see her happily flip over to her back and breathe with ease. Her demeanor is completely different. In a word: AMAZING. I am SOO excited! With all of the doctor's visits because of her neutropenia and digestive issues and added colic, it has been a stressful few months. My husband Bill said, "she is really taking care of us". I've been dreaming of sending this email to you... we are close to 100% success w/ your help, Annika."

Angie & Daughter Callie in Grand Rapids, MI
avatar"Spencer has been doing really well on the raw goat milk formula. He went from not on the charts at all, to 75% at 7 months old! (after being on the goat for 2 months. After 1 month of the formula he was at the 25%. He is a completely NEW BABY."

Kathryn B. and baby Spencer in FL
avatar"We greatly appreciate the help u have given us Annika. My 2 month old baby Julian is doing FABULOUSLY on the raw milk formula. He is no longer vomiting or with diarrhea like he was on the commercial dairy formula. And he no longer has constipation like when he was on the soy formula. Julian is porking-up quite nicely! I just wanted to say thanks . U have been a really good person and we r grateful."

Mayra & Son Julian in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
avatar"Hey Annika, just so you know, my baby is sleeping SO MUCH better. We've been using your recommendations for a month now and it has totally turned our lives around! Last night she fell asleep standing up while nursing (hehe)... around 8:30pm and had to be woken up around 10am. Thank you!"

Jenny B. and baby in Miami
avatar"My baby girl is now doing WONDERFUL since introducing the raw milk formula. I've also just introduced solids, meat broth combined with veggie broth and the farm's raw yogurt, doing wonderful on that too!! Thanks for your advice!" -Natasha S. in Miami, FL

Natasha S. in Miami, FL
avatar"Since implementing your suggestions, my 3 year old has been having bowel movements every other day (as opposed to 1 horribly PAINFUL one per week).  She no longer cries uncontrollably when she has a BM, and there is no difficulty in passing it, which is such a relief! I am so grateful to the guidance you've given me. Many thanks for your recommendations!"  My family and I are on a better path health-wise... I cannot tell you how much your wisdom and knowledge means to me!"

-Faith M., Apple Creek, OH
avatar"Annika, you are the Godmother of Nutrition! Words aren't enough to express how we feel to see our daughter getting better with her eczema. After implementing your suggestion to follow the Gaps diet, we saw unbelievable results on the second week, my daughter's terrible eczema reduced by 90% and now we can see her hand and elbows which were previously covered with red rashes and were bleeding.She slept the whole night (first time after 3 weeks!) without scratching, was really wonderful (for both of us) to get full night's sleep. We had approached so many GPs and pediatricians hoping to find a cure and they suggested drugs which we didn't want to use. I wish I had spoken to you an year earlier so my daughter wouldn't have gone through such tough time with her eczema. Your wealth of knowledge, passion for your profession and care for your clients are just phenomenal. Your website has enlightening facts and information to run a healthy family."

-Swarna P. and daughter Shruthi in Sydney, Australia
avatar“Before we took the class, we were SO frustrated. Our son was always sick, a very picky eater, and after we met Annika we learned some very simple techniques and now he’s eating well, healthier, learning faster, and actually he’s eating his veggies for the FIRST time. That’s why we are so happy with Annika (Nutrition4Children)”.

Juan M. in Weston, FL
avatar“After a year straight of growing without gaining weight and being sick and being on antibiotics probably a dozen times. He was in the hospital a lot. At 1 year old he was 23 pounds, and at age 2 ½ he was STILL 23 pounds. In the few months we’ve implemented you’re suggestions he hasn’t been sick, he’s been strong, he’s been TALKING, he never talked before. He went from 23 pounds to 32 pounds. And its all because of the change in his nutrition and what you (Annika/Nutrition4Children) have done for us”.

Candice W. and son Jacob in Miami, FL
avatarThanks for the Picky Eaters class!! It's amazing how less picky of an eater Ariana is after incorporating what you told us. She's sleeping better, too & in a little better mood. AND she is pooping much more regularly and without as much pain!! Is that TMI??

-Jennifer B and daughter Ariana in FL