What brand of organic baby formula you would recommend?

Q: Is there any brand of organic baby formula you would recommend?

A: Unfortunately, there are no brands of infant formula that I can recommend with confidence since all the ones I know of in the US include corn syrup (a dangerous genetically modified food), and other poor choice ingredients.

The best and most nutritious option for infant formula is to make your own at home using fresh raw milk from healthy pastured cows or goats (100% grassfed or pastured). You can read more on this topic in my articles here:

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2) How to make your own healthy homemade infant formula:

Please see all the related links on this topic as well including where to find healthy raw milk in your area.

I highly recommend this formula – from years of experience, I have seen babies THRIVE on this formula while they did poorly on the commercial formula (see testimonials from moms I’ve consulted with about this).

Also, my own baby got violently ill on any store bought power or liquid but did great on raw milk and this homemade version I fed her. That’s how I got to learn about it – for my own child – so I am quite sure of the benefits.

It makes sense after all considering the poor quality  ingredients in the store bought powder.

Hope this helps!