Annika Rockwell is a Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist specializing in   helping kids with ADHD, focus, attention, mood, behavior, picky eating, and health challenges by using customized dietary plans such as the FEINGOLD Diet, FAILSAFE Diet, Bioindividual Nutrition, lab testing & supplements.

Her mission has been to teach parents how to heal their kids naturally and prevent chronic illness.  Her passion for children’s nutrition stems from her own health struggles and her 20 years of studies in holistic wellness.
Can Food & Diet Change Your
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Symptom Before & After
Families who have kids with special dietary needs spend a LOT of money on supplements... I can help you!

As my client, you'll get 20% off your supplement orders from health professional brands like Designs for Health, Klaire Labs, Allergy Research & Pure Encapsulations. (Yes, better prices than Amazon and much better quality!).  And, my customized recommendations.

A simple urine test from Great Plains Labs done at home can show  imbalances, deficiencies, and toxins causing symptoms!

Find out how your child's health & brain biochemistry can greatly be IMPROVED with testing... 
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