Baby Changing Station Breastfeeding Guide
Sara Spencer – RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Baby Questions and Answers

This site is well known to have accurate answers to all your baby and breastfeeding questions and problems.

Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding
Excellent videos to troubleshoot your nursing problems.

La Leche League FL
A great support group for everything you want to know about breastfeeding and babies. Group of moms meet weekly in every city.

Mothering Magazine
My favorite magazine filled with valuable information on natural mothering, breastfeeding, products, toys, services, etc.

Toy Recalls
It is critical for you to look at th list of toys on recal before you give them to your baby. There are so many Chinese toys contaminated with lead and you must know about it or your baby will suck on the toy and die (or suffer lead poisoning). I received gifts at my baby shower that were on this toy recall list.

Lead Inspector kit
An at home kit to check if any of the toys, bibs, bath tub, or any baby things contain lead.

Guide to Less Toxic Baby Products
A great site to add to Favorites. Get use to reading ingredients labels and make sure to use the safest products around your baby.

Tiny Taste Buds
Organic baby food fresh frozen and delivered to your door anywhere in the country, or locally in South Florida Miami-Dade County.