The best money I spent before the baby arrived was for Hypnobirthing classes (available via, and for the Doula. Read more about how these amazing Doulas will help you through your labor—every single minute of it (even if it takes days!). Using their many years of experience, they will meet with you before the birth and show up to your home the minute you go into labor. They reassure you and comfort you in a way no friend or family member can because of their expertise. Physically, they can help alleviate back pain with counter-pressure and lessen the severity of contractions. They help you get into the best positions to facilitate labor. Doulas also reduce your stress by timing your contractions, monitoring your progress, and letting you know when it's time to go to the hospital (or call the Midwife). At the hospital, they are your advocate communicating with your staff about your needs and birthing plan. I cannot recommend them enough!