Yes, you need to follow the infant formula recipe with all or most of the ingredients if your baby is not yet eating solids. It is important you follow the recipe in order for the formula to most closely resemble healthy breast milk ratios of protein/fat/water & nutrients.

Human milk contains more whey, lactose, vitamin C, B12, folic acid, niacin, and certain essential fats (long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids including Omega 3s critical for brain health) than goat milk, thus these need to be added in. And goat milk is higher in protein (casein) which makes it higher in phospherous.

Adding healthy fats to the recipe balances out the ratio, yet the goat milk formula is still higher in protein than the cow milk formula. See comparison chart of breast milk vs homemade formula.

If you find that some of the ingredients in the formula may be problematic for your baby (i.e. yeast flakes), remove them and see how your baby does. Then try them again a couple weeks later, they may tolerate it well. So keep trying.

Note: adjust the recipe for your baby's age. Babies under 3 months need less vitamins A & D (i.e. use less liver or less Cod Liver Oil in formula). Also keep in mind that if the milk you're using is "fortified", you will need to reduce these vitamins (usually Vitamins A & D).

In order for goat milk to most closely resemble breast milk, it needs to be combined with certain foods and essential fats to make it complete and balanced. This recipe is second best to breast milk and puts commercial infant formula to shame.

Homemade raw goat milk infant formula is living food for your baby, and easy to digest. Unlike powdered formula, it will provide your baby with enzymes, probiotics, well absorbed food based vitamins, nutrients, and essential fats found in natural healthy oils. This homemade formula uses raw goat or cow milk (use cow milk if your baby tolerates it) and is ideally suited for infants age 0-7 months.

After 7-9 months, if you baby is eating solids, you may simplify the formula if you are able to mix enough healthy fats, nutrients, and the other ingredients into solid baby food instead. Yet, moms have found their babies do great continuing on the homemade formula until age 12-24 months instead of plain milk as it contains more nutrients.

I strongly discourage you from using the powdered goat milk formula (which is "dead" milk) unless you are in a real bind. Instead, follow the suggestions for fresh homemade goat milk baby formula which can be made in 10 min per day. Be sure to obtain raw milk from an ethical organic farm who feed exclusively on pasture/grass.