Q: I’m not sure if my 3 year old child is getting enough vitamins in his diet.  Are there any common vitamin deficiencies in kids I should look out for? What foods contain a lot of vitamins?

A:  The most common nutrient deficiencies found in children in the US are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2,  and minerals like zinc, and Omega 3s.  These are all responsible for  development of their brain, nervous system, immune system, bones, teeth, and organs. So be sure to include plenty of these SUPER nutrient dense vitamin rich Real Foods into your child’s diet!

The other critical step is to avoid processed and refined packaged foods which rob vitamins from their body and cause damage to the intestinal villi in the gut.

Most parents are usually overly concerned about their child not getting enough green veggies in their diet, but it turns out that the fat soluble vitamins in these pastured (grassfed) and organically raised animal foods are the most common deficiencies!

Missing Nutrients and Vitamins in Children's diets



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